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7 Element, Open Air Fun House



42' 2 Axle Trailer

Electric Brakes

Pull with One Ton Pickup

60' Front

20' Depth

19' Height

220V / 30amp

12V Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Center Tower







Setup Time

1 1/2 men

1 hour


Fun Elements

Motorized Monkey Tumbler

Motorized Fun Sweeper

Cage Climber


Spiral Slide

Motorized Crazy Floors

Motorized Barrel 




LED Lighting Package


Deluxe Wrap Graphics

Full Awning

Custom Sound Track





World Class Amusement Rides.


FunTech Industries has been hand crafting the most unique, original, and crowd-pleasing rides for nearly 25 years.  With a proven track record of durability, ease-of-use, and high value total cost of ownership, there is only one FunTech.

As one of the first customers of FunTech, they have consistently impressed me with their ability to deliver.
— Butch Butler, Butler Amusements
FunTech rides make money, and you can quote me on that”
— Ron Burback, Funtastic Rides
Great designs, easy to operate, they always make money.
— Sam Johnson, Midway of Fun